tricia psychas

Tricia Psychas is a Karuna Reiki Master® Practitioner and an Intermediate Integrated Energy® Therapy Healer as well as has experience in Shamanic healing. She is also an intuitive who is proficient in crystal healing and the tarot. Tricia received her degree from Syracuse University.

Tricia’s longing for deep healing after experiencing loss and hardships took her on her spiritual path. From autoimmune disease to personal trauma, from losing her father to cancer to mental health issues, alternative medicine was critical in accelerating her healing. She decided to immerse herself in holistic modalities and pass these practices on to others so that they may one day get the healing they so rightfully deserve.

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amy lee dreibelbis

Amy is a certified Sound Practioner and has her Reiki 1 attunement. Amy received her degree in Fashion Retail Management from Syracuse University and has studied crystal healing and Tarot.

Amy was intrinsically drawn to alternative medicine during a difficult time in her life. After suffering from a dissolution of a relationship and crippling anxiety, Amy turned to holistic healing to help her begin her self journey of healing. It resonated with her on such a profound level, she felt called to promote healing in others and devoted her time to learning about several healing modalities all fundamentally rooted towards connecting to your Higher Self. Being a music lover her whole life, becoming a sound healer was a natural step in her progression. Amy hopes to share the unconditional light and love that the universal life force is composed of, with all of her clients.

Photograph courtesy of @sashafreemind